BA Psychology (US & German Degree)

Psychology programs at Touro College Berlin

The American Psychology program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The programs in Psychology promote an understanding of the psychological processes underlying normal and abnormal human behavior.

Career perspective

Both the American and German Psychology degree will open doors to the same counseling and education careers and to the same advanced Master studies than comparable Bachelor's degrees in state-recognized German universities. English instruction, combined with intercultural perspectives and general education components, have proven to be successful in the labor market.

B.A. in Psychology (American Degree)

All of our classes focus on cultural influences on the human mind and behavior. Our diverse faculties will provide opportunities for students to gain experience via research and internships. A huge advantage is our instruction in English.

General education

The general education part of the American psychology program helps you to gain broader perspectives besides your technical knowledge. This is important not only because German Human resource managers explicitly demand more of this quality from their hires from private universities, but also because a broad education offers you full access to Master studies in the American university system.

Required General Education (40 - 44 American credits)
GSM 001 Developmental Math (by placement) 0 credits
GLL 110 Introduction to College Writing (or exemption) 4 credits
GLL 121 College Writing I 4 credits
GLL 122 College Writing II 4 credits
GLL 202 Introduction to American Literature 3 credits
GLL 232 Multicultural American Literature 3 credits
GSM 130 + GSM 132 College Mathematics & Workshop 4 credits
HIS 106 History of the United States 1877-Present 3 credits
POL 101 American Political System 3 credits
GJS 124 Modern Jewish History 3 credits
GJS 262 History of the Holocaust 3 credits
GCA 101 Public Speaking 3 credits
GCO 120 Fundamentals of Computers with Microcomputer Application 3 credits
BIO/GSS Natural Science (Psychology majors must choose BIO 101) 3-4 credits
Examples of Additional General Education Electives (55 credits, of which 25 must be in liberal arts and sciences)
GBK 101 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
GBM 101 Principles of Management 3 credits
GCA 141 Art of Western Civilization 3 credits
GCA 215 Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
GCA 217 Introduction to Public Relations 3 credits
GCA 305 Intercultural Communication 3 credits
GPH 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
SAS 103 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
Required Psychology Courses (22 American credits)
MAT 261 Statistics for Social Science Major 3 credits
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 201 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
PSY 301/301.6 Experimental Psychology + Lab 4 credits
PSY 335 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
PSY 351 Biological Psychology 3 credits
PSY 493 Advanced Topics in Psychology 3 credits
Four Electives from the Following (12 American credits)
PSY 102 Social Psychology 3 credits
PSY 205 Psychology of Motivation 3 credits
PSY 210 Learning 3 credits
PSY 221 Industrial Psychology 3 credits
PSY 231 Psychological Testing 3 credits
PSY 302 Advanced Experimental Psychology 3 credits
PSY 310 Personality 3 credits
PSY 340 Introduction to Counseling and Therapy 3 credits
PSY 345 Psychology of Health and Illness 3 credits
PSY 401 Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3 credits
PSY 402 Clinical Psychology 3 credits
PSY 420 Psychology of Eating Disorders 3 credits
PSY 432 Neuropsychology 3 credits
PSY 485 Internship in Psychology 3 credits
PSY 492 Senior Honors Seminar 3 credits
PSY 494 Senior Honors Project in Psychology 3 credits

Full selection of courses and course descriptions

Full selection of courses can be downloaded here
Course descriptions can be viewed here

B.A. in Psychology (German Degree)

The goals and the career paths of the German psychology studies is comparable to the American program. However, the German study program is more psychology-focused, includes less course choices and less general education components, and can be studied within a shorter timeframe (three years). Unlike the U.S. degree, it requires a Bachelor thesis at the end of the program. The diversity of courses and focus on intercultural psychology and soft skills are remarkable for a German psychology program. It is possible to integrate the German program into the studies of the American program, leading to an improved international validity of the degree.

The German degree delivers the general requirements to enable further studies in German Master's programs in psychology (Anschlussfähigkeit) which includes "Psychologisches Grundlagenwissen und seine Anwendung in Forschung und Praxis" (140 Credit Points), "Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens" (15 Credit Points) „Nichtpsychologischem Wissen zu kultur- und zivilisationstheoretischen Grundlagen“ (25 Credit Points).

Required psychology courses (140 Credit Points) include "Allgemeine Psychologie I und II”, „Grundlagen der Diagnostik", „Sozialpsychologie, „Entwicklungspsychologie“, „Biologische Psychologie“, „Persönlichkeitspsychologie", „Klinische Psychologie", „Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie", „Kommunikation und Interaktion", „Diagnostik und Intervention", „Statistik I, II", „Psychologische Forschungsmethoden", „Psychologisches Praktikum", „Studien- und Forschungsprojekt", and „Bachelor-Thesis".