Why Management

International experience

International experience
Results of the independent FIBAA commission’s program evaluation show that Touro Berlin's professors and students represent more international experience than any other accredited program in the German language area. Our business program scored higher than 337 comparable Bachelor's programs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

All courses in English
This feature attracts a truly international student community, allowing non-native English speakers to develop professional English skills in parallel with their studies.

Benefit from the benchmark of international business education
We work with original U.S. textbooks. We use a variety of methods in our teaching and testing. Americans or academics educated at American universities comprise a significant portion of our faculty, and the entire faculty contributes to an authentic atmosphere of personal warmth and individual consideration that is essential for a great college experience.

International content
30% of Touro Berlin's management courses are international and intercultural in content and method, compared to 10% of offerings at Berlin’s large public universities.

Flexibility of studies
The broad range allowed by American Bachelor studies makes it possible to switch from one field (e.g. business) to another (e.g. psychology) without losing any credits. Credit for studies abroad at other universities can also be transferred easily, as we are full members of both the European and the American higher education systems. We recognize both European credits (ECTS) and course credits earned under the American system.

Learn management skills
Small classes have many advantages for learning. These intimate classes allow for extended discussions, as well as experience-based teaching techniques such as role playing, applications of case studies, and more. In terms of developing soft skills, Touro’s program has received the recognition it deserves, and is among the top 5% of 740 business programs evaluated by an independent accreditation agency.

Diversity of perspectives
The possibility of obtaining American and German degrees at the same time can make a huge difference. It also matters at the start of your academic career, because we not only accept the established prerequisites for German universities, but also all high school degrees accepted in the American education system (International Baccalaureate/IB, American high school diploma, A-levels, etc.). This policy results in broader international diversity among the student community.

B.Sc. in Business Management & Administration (American Degree)
The American Bachelor of Science degree can be completed in up to eight semesters. Students must complete a minimum of 120 American college credits (40 courses).

B.Sc. in Management (German Degree)
The German study program can be completed in up to six semesters. Students must complete 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points.

International careers
Many Touro College Berlin graduates are hired by multinational firms with branches in Germany. The list of multinational corporations that have employed Touro College students reads like a "Who's Who" of international business. A significant number of students have also been inspired by the American entrepreneurial spirit and started businesses of their own. Graduates of the program go on to graduate studies or find employment at large and small corporations, family-owned businesses, and financial, advertising, property, and health-related institutions. They work as general managers, department managers, product development managers, service managers, public relations experts, administrators, supervisors, strategic planners, human resource specialists, and in a variety of entry-level jobs in functional departments.

Structure of the academic year
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The fall semester begins on August 1 and the spring semester on February 1. An optional summer school session is offered in July and August.

Transfer procedures
Students who have completed work at other post-secondary institutions may transfer to the Bachelor of Science programs at different levels, depending on the institution and number of credits earned. All transfer credits will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis to determine where they would fit into the curriculum sequence. Students must have earned a grade of C or better in the courses for credits to be transferred.

Study abroad
Between the third and fifth semesters, students have the opportunity to spend one semester at one of our partner colleges in New York or Moscow or at any other properly accredited university.

For the German degree, all students are required to complete at least one internship during the course of study. Students must present a written report showing detailed knowledge gained from practical exposure to a relevant business environment. Touro College Berlin supports students in finding internships in American, German and internationally-oriented companies.