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Volume 1:
Nachama, Andreas and Johannes Tuchel. Am Rupenhorn 5: Wohnsitz der Familie Lindemann, NS-Ministerresidenz, Touro College. [Home of the Lindemann family, Nazi Minister residence, Touro College] Berlin: be.bra verlag, 2012.

The famous Bauhaus architect Bruno Paul designed and built the villa Am Rupenhorn 5 in 1928/1929 for the Lindemann family. After a forced sale in 1934, the villa became the residence of the Reichskirchenminister, Hanns Kerrl. After the war, the British military government brought the house back to life. In 1953 the facilities were handed over to the State of Berlin that set up a social educational training center. In 2003 Touro College Berlin, which is headquartered in New York, took over the villa.

Volume 2:
Berndt, Juliane. "Ich weiß, ich bin kein Bequemer...": Heinz Galinski - Mahner, Streiter, Stimme der Überlebenden. Hrsg. Andreas Nachama. Berlin: be.bra verlag, 2012.

On the occasion of his 100th birthday, the book about Heinz Galinski blessed memory has found a place in the series of publications of the Lander Institute for Communication about the Holocaust and Tolerance of Touro College Berlin. It is logical to the extent that the life and work of Heinz Galinski was a serious engagement and dispute with the Holocaust, and Touro College Berlin continues this mission. Heinz Galinski's leadership and his communication skills paved the ground for Jewish people in postwar Germany of being able to unpack their suitcases again.

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