Financial Aid

For German and International Students

For scholarships to study at Touro College Berlin please contact our Friends & Donors. In order to assist prospective students irrespective of their financial situation Touro College Berlin offers to support the application process for financial aid grants, loans or scholarships and provide the necessary documentation.

International students should contact the respective authority in their home country to find out whether financial support may be available to assist with tuition fees and living costs. In the event students finance a portion of their education through grants, loans or scholarships, they must provide proof of such awards at registration. Students without such documents will be expected to pay a deposit towards their tuition and will be refunded any excess once the college receives the award payment.

Please contact our admissions office for further information.


US citizens or residents enrolled in the American-accredited BA, MA or MBA programs are eligible to apply for US Federal Student Aid.

Veterans’ Benefits

US veterans are eligible to use their GI Bill benefits at Touro College Berlin if they are enrolled in one of the American-accredited BA, MA or MBA programs.

Touro College Berlin is eligible to certify applications for students enrolled in the German-accredited B.A. or M.A. programs.
Further information and eligibility requirements can be obtained on the BAföG website.