Association of Friends and Donors

Freunde und Förderer des Touro College Berlin e.V.

In 2003 the association "Freunde und Förderer des Touro College Berlin e.V." (Friends and Donors of Touro College Berlin) was founded. This organization promotes research and teaching at Touro College Berlin. It also supports activities fitting the special Jewish-American character of the college:

  • Public relations, employed to increase the number of students and enhance the reputation of Touro College Berlin
  • Additional teaching faculty
  • Scholarships and providing / enhancing accommodation for students
  • Promotion of extra-curricular activities, such as readings, symposia and publications
  • Promotion of single lectures, series of lectures and seminars
  • Enhancing the library
  • Exploring Jewish academic life that originated in Berlin
  • Promotion of a religious dialogue between representatives of various Jewish communities, both foreign and domestic
  • Participation in the inter-religious dialogue of the world religions and adequate portrayal of Jewish positions in the public
  • The association pursues only, directly or indirectly, tax-deductible charitable purposes
Membership Fees

€ 100 for natural persons
€ 300 for institutions / corporations

Bank Transfer
Freunde und Förderer des Touro College Berlin e.V.
Postbank Leipzig
BLZ: 860 100 90
Kto: 604 111 907
IBAN: DE 21 8601 0090 0604 1119 07

Giving and Verein Membership
Your gift of annual membership to the Friends of Touro College Berlin Förderverein will enable Touro to continue to grow and to expand scholarship support, academic programs, facilities and student services, Donations can be unrestricted or directed to a specific need. Your gift of membership will enable Touro College Berlin to continue to flourish and fulfill its mission of scholastic achievement along with its commitment to perpetuate and enrich the Jewish heritage in Berlin. Although membership minimums are encouraged, donations of any amount help Touro to make a powerful impact as we provide students with the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Giving to Touro College Berlin demonstrates your commitment to investing in the future.

Members and Donors receive
  • A newsletter
  • A study guide
  • Invitations to extracurricular events, such as graduation ceremonies and the summer festival
  • Invitations to the Berlin Lectures, featuring experts of different academic fields
  • A personal Touro-ID to access the Virtual Library
  • Opportunity to use the historical college premises at the Havel river for private occasions (if available and at own cost)
  • Contacts to the international Touro Colleges network and respective donor circles - upon request
Our Donors
  • American German Business Club Berlin e.V.
  • Axel Springer Verlag
  • Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung
  • Deutscher Fußballbund
  • DMP Digital- & Offsetdruck GmbH
  • Hertha BSC Berlin
  • IHK Berlin
  • Mercedes Benz - Niederlassung Berlin
  • Pro7 Media AG
  • Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH
  • Szloma-Albam-Stiftung
  • Techniker Krankenkasse
  • TuS Makkabi e.V.