Campus Life

Our roots in American higher education

With campuses all over the world and more than 30 years of experience with Bachelor's and Master's programs, Touro College is committed to navigating the differences in international study systems. Even so, we still stay true to our roots in American higher education. After all, there is a reason that American teaching and research are used as benchmarks in virtually all global rankings.

Touro makes a difference in higher education

Broad horizon in U.S. Bachelor studies

We implement the concept of an American college here in Berlin: our students start with courses in general education and then move on to more focused areas of study later. You do not have to commit yourself to an area of specialization until the latter half of your studies. The broad horizon of U.S. Bachelor studies makes it easy to switch from one field of interest to another without losing any credits. Although many European institutions, such as the German Wissenschaftsrat, have urged increase use of the American college concept, very few German universities have actually changed their traditional, set systems.

The American way of learning
Our students learn the American way, using case studies in small, interactive classes, and through a multitude of presentations and discussions. In teaching and grading, we use a variety of methods to evaluate student performance, including written exams, group work, presentations, discussion of case studies, and class participation. We work with original U.S. textbooks, considered even by our German students to be the best available worldwide. Students also have free access to the Touro New York Virtual Library, allowing for in-depth international research.

German and US degrees
By providing both American and German degree programs, Touro College Berlin offers full, unconditional institutional recognition in Germany, setting us apart from the 45+ American campuses in Europe. Our German degrees are state-recognized and thus acknowledged as serious academic degrees all over Europe on a legally binding basis.

Full recognition in Germany is particularly important given that our main accreditation in the American higher education system is seldom fully understood abroad. In the United States, the terms "college" and "university" are not legally protected, which means any business can call itself a university, even if it is not accredited. In contrast, Touro College has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Regional accreditations are the most prestigious accreditations awarded in the United States, the same accreditation granted to Ivy League schools.

Outside of Europe, American degrees offer a competitive advantage, for they serve as the benchmark in most parts of the Americas and Asia. This advantage helps students to stay globally mobile without having to start from scratch in every new country.

Developing professional English skills
English is not only the language of instruction, but also the language for all activities on campus, helping to attract a truly international student community. For non-native English speakers, this environment creates a perfect opportunity for developing professional English skills in parallel to the course curriculum.

Because real-life application is better than language classes, casual, spontaneous conversations in a culturally diverse environment will support your in-depth conversational skills enormously. Americans comprise half of our faculty, and the entire faculty contributes to an authentic atmosphere of personal warmth and individual consideration that is essential for a great college experience.