Student Government

Tasks of the Student Government include voicing student opinions to the administration and the faculty, training students in leadership, and aiding in other college activities.

Officers of the Student Government typically include President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and Finance Officer. Elections for positions are held once each year.

There are many good reasons why students should become involved in Student Government activities: such extracurricular activities provide a forum for developing interpersonal skills, particularly leadership skills and negotiating skills which are usually not emphasized in the classroom setting. In addition, extracurricular participation will enhance a resume or graduate/professional school application. Last but not least, they provide an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

Student Government Representatives 2016/17
President Carrie Toptan
Vice-President Victoria Ernst
Secretary Isabel Maldonado
Treasurer Mariam Abu Khmadi
Events Chiptandi Syahlavida