Dr. Diana Bank Weinberg

Marketing in the 21st Century Knowledge Age

Prof. Dr. Tobias Basse

Professor of Corporate Finance

Dr. Gideon Botsch

History, Jewish Studies, Holocaust

Prof. Dr. Larisa Buhin

Professor of Psychology

Esteban Castro Ramos

College Math, Advanced Computer Business Applications

Kishore Chakraborty, Ph.D.

Business Policy

Prof. Brian Crawford, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Dr. Stefanie Dänzler

Media Economy, Marketing, Leadership and Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

Prof. Dr. Dennis A. V. Dittrich

Professor of Economics

Ruth Ditlmann, PhD


Janna Drummer

Cross Cultural Psychology

Nechama Ehrenberg

Hebrew I, Hebrew II

Marius Fahrner

Statistics, Finite maths, Quantitave analysis

Dr. Eike Gebhardt

Introduction to Philosophy, Sociology

Dr. Klaus Herrmann

Lander Institute

Prof. Dr. Peter Klein

Dean of the M.A. in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance

Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein

Dean of the MBA Program

Gernot König

Marketing Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt

Professor for Holocaust Studies and Jewish Studies

Dr. Paul Levine

History of the Holocaust

Dr. Antje Lichtenstein


Prof. Dr. Holger Lüdeke

Professor of Management

Stephan Meyer-Brehm

Consumer Behavior

Prof. Dr. Andrew Moskowitz

Professor of Psychology, Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Robert Nachama

Business Ethics

Jeanne Ndatirwa

Prof. Dr. Özen Odağ

Professor of Psychology

Ariane Simard

Business Report Writing

Roger Sturm

Managerial Finance, International Business

Prof. Dr. Peter Theiss-Abendroth

Professor of Psychology

Prof. Dr. Johannes Tuchel

M.A. in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance

Dr. Michael Wachholz

American History, Introductory Course on the American Political System

Jane Williams-Boock, Dipl.-Kfm.

Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship

Ilene Winckler

College Writing 2, Fundamentals of Speech, Introduction to Psychology and Interpersonal Communication

Prof. Dr. Birgit Wolf

Professor of Management

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Wendland

Professor of Managerial and Real Estate Economics