Registrar’s Office

Academic services for students

The Registrar's Office provides services related to the academic aspects of studies at Touro College Berlin - from enrollment to graduation. It creates and maintains student records, coordinates course registration and grade submission, offers assistance in course scheduling, evaluates transfer credits, prepares academic transcripts, coordinates the Study Abroad Program at Touro College New York, and issues diplomas upon graduation.

Office of the Registrar
Touro College Berlin
Am Rupenhorn 5
14055 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 300686/ Ext. 45 or 15
Email: registrar(at)

Adding and dropping courses

Students may add courses during the first 2 weeks of classes in the fall and spring semesters. To add a course to their current course registrations, students must fill out an Add/Drop Form with the registrar.

Students may drop courses during the first 8 weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Courses dropped during the add & drop period (first 2 weeks of classes) will not appear on a student’s transcript. Any courses dropped after this time and before the end of the 8th week of classes will appear on the transcript with the notation of "W" (withdrawn). Courses with this notation will not affect the student's grade point average. All program changes require that the student fill out an Add/Drop Form and obtain the registrar’s signature. Students who leave a course without filing the Add/Drop Form will receive a grade of "WU", which is included in the GPA as an F.

There is no Add/Drop for summer classes, i. e. registered classes cannot be cancelled.

Note: Information on the website pertaining to Add/Drop practices at Touro College Berlin supersedes the information published in the Touro College Berlin Catalog 2014-2016.

Submit form 'Add/Drop Form' (available in the registrar's office)

Transfer credit

Transfer students seeking credits for previous academic work should arrange that an official transcript be sent to the Registrar’s office at the Touro College main campus in New York unless other prior arrangement has been made.

Undergraduate programs
It may be necessary to schedule a meeting with department faculty or the Dean if transfer credits are being offered to fulfill major, minor, or other requirements. Credits are generally awarded after evaluation for business, education, computer science, social science, and other liberal arts and sciences courses that (a) are relevant to a student’s program of study, (b) are equivalent to courses offered at Touro, and (c) were completed with a minimum grade of C at an accredited institution. Courses from non-accredited institutions or organizations, even if recommended for credit by the American Council on Education, must be reviewed by the respective Departmental Chair before credit may be transferred. Touro College grants transfer credits for satisfactory course work completed in a traditional classroom setting, through distance education, and, upon evaluation of a portfolio, for experiential learning.

A maximum of six credits is generally granted for previous work completed in technical or professional programs not offered at Touro College.

Credits may not be awarded for courses taken more than 10 years prior to a student’s first semester at Touro College Berlin in natural sciences, business, and accounting. Such transfer credit in all other areas except for computer science is subject to individual departmental approval; in computer science, credit may not be awarded for courses taken more than six years prior to a student’s first semester at the College.

Students who have completed an associate’s degree at an accredited institution are assured a minimum of 60 credits, but they must meet the individual course and liberal arts requirements of their selected degree program. This may entail a course-by-course evaluation (or its equivalent) to ensure that Touro course requirements are satisfied. Courses which may be equivalent to required course work are reviewed by an evaluator; if the evaluator is unable to determine required course work equivalency from the course description and course syllabus, it will be sent to the appropriate department chair for review and equivalency evaluation.

Transfer courses which are not equivalent to required course work may be considered for elective or “blanket credit,” and are evaluated in one of two ways:
1. If the student has an Associate’s or higher degree, courses may be accepted in bulk as electives; a course-by-course review may not be required.
2. If the student does not have an Associate’s or higher degree, courses will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis and may be given a “blanket credit” or elective course acceptance.

In both cases, credit is applied to the student’s program in the elective credit area(s).

Transfer students may request in writing that all prior college work completed at a particular school(s) not be evaluated. This decision is irrevocable.

Transfer students should be aware that, for any course taken and passed at Touro College Berlin for which transfer credit was already awarded for work done at a prior institution, the transfer credit will be deleted.

To be eligible for a baccalaureate degree, a transfer student must successfully complete at least 45 credits in residence at Touro, and at least 30 credits at one campus. In addition, a minimum of 50% of the credits in a student’s major must be taken at Touro. For this reason, Touro College would generally not transfer more than 75 credits total for a baccalaureate degree.

Transfer of Judaic Studies credit
Touro College Berlin may award undergraduate students up to a maximum of 48 credits for post-high-school yeshiva and seminary studies. The chair of the Department of Judaic Studies or his/her designee reviews the yeshiva or seminary involved and makes a determination as to the transfer of credits from the individual institution. A listing of yeshivot and seminaries for which the College awards credit is available from the Office of the Registrar. Following long-standing practice at Touro College, transfer credit for Judaic studies courses may be reduced by up to 50% of credits awarded by the yeshiva or seminary and listed on the institution’s transcript.

Students who have completed one year of intensive Judaic studies in Israel may earn the equivalent of one year of college credit. Students must document their yeshiva and seminary work by arranging for official transcripts to be submitted to Touro College Berlin for evaluation. Credits are granted only in accordance with the Touro College’s academic policies as stated above.

Graduate programs
The maximum number of graduate credits that a student may transfer into the MBA or MA program is six. Transfer credits are awarded only for courses:

  • with content comparable to the individual program’s courses.
  • which were taken within the last five years.
  • where the grades received were either “B” or better or “pass.” In the case of “pass” grades, the registrar of the issuing institution must indicate in writing that the grade of “pass” recorded on the student’s transcript is always equivalent to “B” or better in that course.

Award of transfer credit must be approved by the program dean or his/her designee.

Transfer credit post-matriculation at Touro College
Students wishing to take courses at another institution while matriculated at Touro College must obtain official permission in advance. They must submit a completed “Permit to Attend Another College” form, which is available in the Office of the Registrar. Failure to obtain official permission to take courses at another institution may cause either a delay in obtaining credit or complete disapproval of the transfer credit.

Submit form 'Permit to Attend Another College'

Departmental challenge examinations

Students who can demonstrate proficiency in a particular subject may earn credits by taking a departmental challenge examination.  Interested students must make arrangements for taking the examination with the appropriate department chairperson, file a “Request to Take a Challenge Examination” form with the Registrar’s Office, and pay the necessary fee to the Bursar.

Submit form 'Request to Take a Challenge Exam'

Graduation and diplomas

Students may graduate at the end of each semester in January, June, or September. An Application for Graduation must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by no later November 10 to graduate in January, or February 25 to graduate in June or September. To receive the Bachelor of Science degree, graduating students must complete at least 120 U.S. credits of college-level work with 60 credits of liberal arts. Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts program must complete at least 180 ECTS credits of college-level work. A graduation fee of EUR 180 is charged to cover all graduation-related expenses and the diploma.
The commencement for all graduates of the academic year 2013/2014 will be announced in due course.

Study abroad - New York semester

Students may spend a semester at Touro College New York during their undergraduate studies. Credits earned during the New York semester are automatically attributed toward the program requirements in Berlin.

  • Completion of 2 semesters of undergraduate studies
  • GPA of at least 2.3
  • Completion of College Writing 2

Students apply for a student visa in person at the U.S Embassy, Visa Unit, Clayallee 170, 14195 Berlin, Germany. Appointments for a personal interview can be scheduled by calling 0900-1-85 00 55 (EUR 1.86/ min) or online at

To attend an institution in the State of New York, students must provide proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella.

Submit the following forms
'Application for New York Semester' (completed and signed)
'Affidavit of Support'
'Immunization Form'