Szloma Albam Library

The information center of Touro College Berlin

The Szloma Albam Library serves the frequent visits by students and staff each working day, providing textbook and reference collections on open access, as well as course materials and a vast range of virtual material available online. The holdings support the courses and curriculum topics offered and serve as a foundation for students' study and research on campus.

The Szloma Albam Library includes some 6,500 items on the following subjects:

Business Studies

Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and Business, Mathematics, Computer concepts

Liberal Arts
American History and Politics, Western Civilization, Philosophy, Psychology

Jewish Studies
History, Religion, Ritual Law, Literature, Art and Philosophy, Holocaust Studies

English and Hebrew

It also houses a special collection, the "Henry Marx Collection", to support the M.A. program "Holocaust Communication and Tolerance".

In addition, the Szloma Albam Library provides access to and use of the Virtual Library of Touro College New York, which offers more than 90,000 e-books and more than 60 databases (all relevant periodicals for business studies can be found here). The databases can be accessed on campus directly and off campus with a login account and password.

The library is generously supported by the Szloma-Albam-Foundation. Borrowing privileges are granted only to students, lecturers, and staff of Touro College.

The Library's reading rooms offer 20 study places, including 10 networked PCs. A public copier/printer in the main library can be used for a small fee.

All students and lecturers are encouraged to ask the librarian any questions they may have concerning library holdings, catalog and internet research, and the use of the Virtual Library.

The private library of Henry Marx

Touro College Berlin is honored to possess the Henry Marx Collection, the private library of Henry Marx, which his widow Mrs. Carin Drechsler-Marx donated to the Lander Institute for Communication to promote studies of the Holocaust and tolerance.

The journalist Henry Marx (November 3, 1911 - June 22, 1994) was born in Brussels. He lived from 1926 to 1937 in Berlin, where he completed his secondary education and continued as a law student at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität (now Humboldt University).

After Hitler seized power, Henry Marx was prevented from writing his final exam, which would have completed his law degree. On June 22, 1934, Henry Marx was denounced. The Gestapo (state police) arrested him and subsequently imprisoned him in the concentration camps at Oranienburg and Lichtenburg.
After his release, he managed to immigrate to the United States, where he became part of the editorial staff of the "New Yorker Staats-Zeitung" and the "Herold", a newspaper established in 1834. At the same time he studied literature, history, and politics at Washington Square College, part of New York University.

Henry Marx was a prominent figure in New York's German cultural circles and fostered a particular interest in the history of German theatre while in exile. For more than 16 years he worked for the Goethe Institute in New York, advancing German-American understanding. During the last decade of his life, Henry Marx worked as editor-in-chief for the German-Jewish newspaper "Aufbau", the third one in its six-decade history.

The Henry Marx Collection consists of nearly 1,300 volumes, covering subjects on American and German Jewry, persecution, resistance, exile, anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust. It constitutes the founding stock for the part of the Szloma Albam Library that serves the needs of the Lander Institute.

Virtual Library

The virtual library is the wealth of electronic resources and services of Touro College that can be accessed on the internet; on-campus from the Touro network, and off-campus with Username & Password (please contact our librarian).

Here you can search more than 60 proprietary databases covering all subjects taught at the Touro Colleges, like business, economics, news and world affairs, science, education, Jewish studies, humanities, social sciences, psychology, literature, law, medicine, with thousands of periodicals titles, dissertations, market reports, etc., and millions of full-text articles available. The eBook-databases offer more than 90,000 books in full-text. Besides, it holds a useful collection of reference works, guides, tutorials and all sorts of information materials on how to do research and write term papers.

The Virtual Library can be accessed at

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 8.30 am - 1 pm | 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Friday: 8.30 am - 2 pm